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Building on the success of the MetaTrader 4 platform, MT5 was developed as a full-service multi-asset platform. We offer an MT5 platform with advanced trading capabilities, as well as excellent tools for technical and fundamental analysis. MT5 can also automate trading by using expert advisors and algorithmic signals. The advantages of the MT5 platform include:

Greater Variety of Charts and Timeframes: MT5 offers 21 timeframes for traders, as well as an unlimited number of pricing and trading charts. MT5 can support 100 open charts at any given time.

Fundamental Analysis: MT5 showcases the addition of an inbuilt forex calendar. This includes news events, schedules, expected impacts and forecasts all in the one place.

Extra Enhanced Trading Tools: MT5 offers 38 built in indicators, along with additional analytical and graphical objects. This is an improvement on the MT4 offering, aiming for an enhanced trading experience.

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Offers a high-performance multi-account manager solution that can be customized to your trading needs. Commonly referred to as MAM/PAMM technology, the multi-account management and percentage allocation management module software allows money managers and investors to interact through a secure platform.

MAM/PAMM Technology also provides the means for trading activities, account reconciliation, deposits and withdrawals all from the same software suite.

If you’re a professional money manager, then you know the importance of partnering with a trusted broker to maintain your client relationships. Beyond trading returns, a simple, secure and well managed software solution is essential to grow your money management business.

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